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10/01/2019 · BEST STRETCH BIG BUILD ON NBA 2K19!!! MY BUILD REVEALED!!! Let me know if yall want to see more videos like this. If yall enjoyed this video, please leave a. 31/08/2018 · THE BEST BUILD IN NBA 2K19. - BEST STRETCH BUILD - BEST CENTER BUILD - EEST BIGMAN BUILD - BEST POWER FORWARD BUILD - POWER DF PLAYER BUILD NBA 2K19 - POWER DF BUILD - POWER DF BEST PLAYER BUILD.

02/02/2019 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. You can be a liability on defense with post scoring power forwards but this build makes up for it on the offensive side. The pick and pop is strong and once the takeover is activated this build simply doesn't miss. Screenshot of a Pure Stretch Four, 6'11, 205 lbs, 89.5'' Primary Post-Scoring/Secondary Shot Creating. Position: Center.

15/12/2018 · i think the post scoring stretch, or sharpshooting post scorer on a 6'10-6'11 could be a great archetype due the all around game you can play and the badges. but people often make pure stretch, two way stretch or sharpshooting rim protector. 04/01/2019 · I MADE A 7 FOOT DEMIG0D & BECAME THE BEST STRETCH BIG IN NBA 2K19 HankDaTank. Loading. Unsubscribe. 7'3 STEPH CURRY is a GLITCH! best stretch big five build in nba 2k19 mypark. - Duration: 10:15. Brotha. SCORING 200 POINTS w/ BEST PURE STRETCH IN NBA 2K19. NBA 2k19 Best Center Builds That Are OP. Right now, we will explore the most overpowered centers on NBA 2K19 to help you dominate the competition. The best shooting builds are the pure stretch fours and pure stretch fives for obvious reasons. 06/08/2019 · NBA 2k19 Best Builds Top 10 Most Overpowered NBA 2k19 Builds Here are the best NBA 2k19 Builds. NBA 2k19 Best Builds. The NBA is flooded with stretch fours, every team wants that big that can give you some post play but can also hit the three with enough consistency to make defenders cry for their mommies. 12/09/2018 · The slashing stretch four will be an offensive menace inside and out with an attribute cap of 22 and 21 for the 3pt shot and mid-range respectively. Player Creation: Height - 6'10, Weight - 250 Pounds, Wingspan - 90 inches. When you imagine this build, think about the NBA champion Kevin Love, with a little more athleticism and better dunking.

19/09/2018 · With a big change to how your player will play in NBA 2K19, and a greater emphasis by 2K to increase the realism of the game, we take a look at three popular builds in the previous years of NBA2K which you should avoid at all costs if you're looking to win this year in NBA 2K19. 3. Pure Stretch. A lot of you nba 2k19 pure sharp or pure stretch four builds are still looking for a legit best jumpshot 2k19 has to offerHere is one nba 2k19 jumpshot that is the greatest for all of you 2k19 stretch big / pure stretch and pure sharp users out there! 11/01/2019 · MY 7'0" DEMIG0D PURE STRETCH MAKES EVERY SHOT - HE NEVER MISSES - NBA 2K19 HankDaTank. Loading. SCORING 200 POINTS w/ BEST PURE STRETCH IN NBA 2K19 JORDAN REC CENTER - WORLD RECORD - Duration: 12:53. HankDaTank 704,121 views. BEST PG BUILD NBA 2K19 - Duration: 10:26. Grinding DF 278,147 views. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pure Stretch Four 2k19 Build is best in online store. I will call in short name as Pure Stretch Four 2k19 Build For individuals who are trying to find Pure Stretch Four 2k19 Build review. We have additional information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. I would really like. Power Forward is a good choice for every NBA 2K serise beginner. because this position has plenty of potential with climbing the ranks, if you want to make yourself a god-tier power forward capable of dominating the league, Here GamePretty will teach you how to make the best Power Forward in NBA 2K19.

Most tables on the site will only feature the cap breakers and attributes for 90 OVR onwards, however I have started to add the caps and attributes for 85 - 90 for some of the more popular builds on the game where I can. ALL Pure builds have their primary attributes maxed when they hit 89 OVR. BEST CENTER BUILD / BEST BIG MAN BUILD IN 2K19 - Glass Cleaner - A BEAST on the boards. I can get 15 rebs like it's nothing. Avg 17 reb/gm in Pro-am with GC. This build is more for Pro am and 2s in Park. Its more of a role build rather than a 1st option. Rebounding is very important in 2k and this build is the best at it. Creating/preventing extra possessions is what leads to games. Use this build if you want to rebound/play a little D, but are ok with mostly setting screens and scoring on cuts. NBA2K19 Point Guard Shooting Guard Pure Sharpshooter Pure Stretch Five Pure Stretch Four Jump Shot: Custom, Lower/Base: LaMarcus Aldridge, Upper Release 1: Stephen Curry, Upper Release 2: Chauncey Billups, Release Speed: Quick, Animation Blending Release 1: 65%, Animation Blending Release 2: 35%.

no.2 - pure stretch build. the second best nba 2k19 build is the peer stretch, which is obviously an extremely easy build to use. i had a 93 win percentage, i sung with the play sharp and when i made a stretch which only played like 50 games on my stretch until i got to like a thousand games played and started getting boring of the game. i had. BEST CENTER BUILD / BEST BIG MAN BUILD IN 2K19 - Glass Cleaner. 12 months ago. thunder00000. open 0. BEST CENTER BUILD / BEST BIG MAN BUILD IN 2K19 - Glass Cleaner - A BEAST on the boards. I can get 15 rebs like it's nothing. Center NBA2K19 Pure Stretch Four Height: 7'3, Weight. 15/09/2018 · The next segment of the best builds in the newly released segment of the NBA 2K dynasty. You can find our suggestion for the best point guard archetypes, best shooting guard archetypes best small forward archetypes, and of course, the best power forward archetypes and of course best centers in the links provided.

nba 2k19 center build guide & tips - top 3 nba 2k19 worst center build. some nba 2k19 builds are weak and even useless for your game, but if you try all the kinds of combinations to check out the effect, it will waste amounts of time. here are the top 3 worst nba 2k19 center builds that you can avoid and not to try out. 1. primary skill: rebounding. build Recommended Builds. track_changes Takeover. face My Account. Login. or Sign Up. menu. Badge Comparison. Badge Comparison Tool. Position 1. Archetype. Sub-Archetype. Position 2. Archetype. Sub-Archetype. Update Badges. Badges with white backgrounds are still unknowns as far as badge level but at the very least they will be bronze.

03/12/2017 · Animations are definitely affected by the weight, though. He is going to lose the strength battle to essentially every non-Pure Stretch center anyway, so something that is more advantageous to his kit and his team is a good move. Those extra speed points mean a ton when a 7'3 max fatass tries following a Pure Stretch to the corner, thats for sure. Like grant jack said, post 4 is better as post shot. Idk about weight and wingspan. Stretch 4, imo, is “best” as pure.unless you’re playing 2s as the 1 mainly where sharp shot is better. Related read: NBA 2K19 best shooting guard - pure sharp shooting build guide. That’s all for the best NBA 2k19 jump shots we commend, keep trying to find out the best one which fit you best and help you win! read more nba 2k19 guides and news on our goldkk news page. 07/10/2018 · NBA 2K19: Best Center C Builds and Tips Follow these center builds to bang down low like Shaq or stretch the floor like Channing Frye. Stretch Big Archetype ALL ARCHETYPES Athletic Finisher Glass Cleaner Lockdown Defender Playmaker Point Forward Post Scorer Paint Protector Sharpshooter Shot Creator Slasher Stretch Big STRETCH BIG ANALYSIS, GUIDE & BUILDS.

Home NBA 2K Tutorials NBA 2K19 5 Best Slasher Archetype Builds NBA 2K19 5 Best Slasher Archetype Builds Trap Gamer. Get the rim, posterizing your opponent, deadeye from long range, and dominating the paint are key attributes for a slasher. Here are the top 5 NBA 2K19 Slasher Archetype builds.

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